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We offer a wide range of plumbing services right from repairs to replacements in domestic as well as commercial setups.

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Corporate Financing

Our Corporate Finance consulting work links corporate strategy, financial strategy, transactions and a capital markets perspective to help executives and their teams create value.


based on your business model and ROI and our expert team research, we fund for your business which can be taken to the industry growth and helps to serve better. 

Joint Ventures

As companies consider inorganic growth to complement their organic growth, many are turning to joint ventures. We provide Joint Ventures, to help you to maximize the value of your joint ventures.

thincbiz - Startup Growth​

Startup Growth

India is one of the fastest-growing countries in startups and innovations. So we evaluate the business model of the startups and help to grow their business eventually. 

thincbiz - Business consulting

Business consulting

Any sort of business consultancy which can be business advice, business growth strategies, business tie-ups etc., we support and grow together. 

Career Growth

Thincbiz helps to many young minds in serving our clients which can be helped to grow their careers better in future. 

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